Craftmanship & Quality

Three Butterflies

We travel the country and continents to source unique beads, unusual stones, authentic art pieces, and collectables to incorporate them into our collections.

Each item shown on this website is a one of a kind wearable art piece. Our jewelry is DESIGNED and HAND MADE by ESTHER in her small studio in South Arizona.
Her personal style evolved from: studying many different cultures, traveling and living in different parts of the world, and her spiritual beliefs. 
All of our pieces are made by hand using the best materials available from all over the world with great attention to details. 
Whether you are searching for a rare gift or something to add character to your wardrobe you will find exactly what you are looking for once you walk through our Gallery.

 Wholesale and special orders are available.


Jewelry speaks its own language. Without words it whispers to us and we understand its meaning. It is tactile, personal- far more than just an adornment. Whether given, received or a gift to oneself, it's a symbol of emotions and thoughts.
Three Butterflies jewelry is unique and starts its own conversation...  
Nature’s Precious and Semi Precious materials are used from all over the world to create the unexpected looks Esther’s designs are famous for.   These pieces withstand passing trends while mirroring the spirit in which they were created.
Our Gallery is only a small representation of her forever changing and evolving work. Visit our website often to discover our new pieces and new information about Three Butterflies.