Jasper is a special form of chalcedony that generally comes to us in exquisite earth tones of browns, gold, greens, and autumn reds, although it can occur in lighter and brighter shades of these colors, as well. The name refers to the sometimes mottled or speckled nature of the stone. It is considered the “supreme nurturer” in that it absorbs negativity, and supports in times of stress. It is thought to be a stone of purity in that it protects the natural environment, as well as the human landscape of the individual, both spiritually and physically. An energy stone, it transports individuals from the world of ideas and thoughts, into the world of action and the production of tangible outcomes – the products of ideas. The ancient Egyptians wore jasper as ornamental scarabs in jewelry and thought that wearing these stones increased sexual energy. Native American Indians consider the stone to have healing qualities and also see it as a “magical rain stone.” Both the colors of the stones and the symbolic manner in which various cultures viewed them connect them to the earth and to its fundamental spiritual and physical fertility. This pendant would make the perfect gift for the environmentalist in your life – that special “someone” who honors the symmetry of the natural world.