Labradorite, carries unique characteristic, turns sea blue, gold and green in bright light from grey or dark green color if viewed in dim light. It is a variety of plagioclase feldspar which is found in igneous rocks. Polished labradorite is called labradorescence. The crystal is transparent to translucent. The darker variety is known as "black moonstone" which has a bluish inclusions.

Labradorite is generally cut with a flat surface to highlight the flashes of color. Originally it was found along the coast of Labrador in 1805. Today, it is also found in Newfoundland, other parts of Canada, the Ukraine, the Ural mountains, and the USA.

It is believed that Labradorite gem stone brings joy and kindness and provide variety and good fortune. It energizes and provide a balanced mental plane and also heals infections. It is said to raise level of consciousness and act as a barrier against all negative energies.