Lampwork is the creation of ornamental, decorative objects with glass. It’s commonly used in making beads, especially for jewelry.

Perhaps the best example of lampwork is in the making of beads. Handcrafted beads are the result of the skill to prepare molten glass and the creativity to envision the glass being used to create unique and colorful beads that can be used in a number of ways. By blowing the molten glass into various sizes and shapes, these beads can be used to make colorful strands in the preparation of wrist and ankle bracelets. When it comes to clothing, lampwork can be the means of preparing a special bead to be sewn into the fabric of a sweater, jacket, or other garment. These beads differ from other types of beadwork in that the glass can provide a richness of hue and sparkle that cannot be provided by many other types of beads.

While the traditional round bead is a favorite, many lampwork creations are shaped in other geometric forms, as well as sometimes depicting animals, human faces, or other objects. This process can yield beads that are tiny and ideal for adorning a beautiful piece of jewelry, or they can be used to create wild and sassy jewelry pieces.